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Relocating to Meagher County?

Meagher County is a rural community with less than 2,000 residents. Most of the following information will be centered around the county seat, White Sulphur Springs, but we encourage you to learn more about all the communities the county has to offer!
White Sulphur Springs Statistics:

- Population: 1,109

- Elevation: 5,045 ft.

- Median Age: 42

- Median Household Income: $34,219

- Median Monthly Rent Cost: $641

- Unemployment Rate: 4.1%

- Crime Rate: Lower than national average

Most Common Industries:

- Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting (15.6%)

- Construction (11.7%)

- Accomodation & Food Services (10.5%)

- Educational Services (10.1%)

- Public Administration (8.5%)

- Healthcare (7.7%)

- Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (3.6%)

Are you hungry for more statistics about our community?  Go to DATA USA for more information.  Compare our community with others in the state/county you are considering. 

Average Climate

White Sulphur Springs is situated at an elevation of about 5,020 feet and experiences a semi-arid continental climate characterized by ward, dry summers and cold winters.  The annual average temperature is 42.4 degrees F.  The monthly average high is 56 degrees and average low is 30 degrees.
Natural disasters in the area are near nonexistent.  Historical earthquake activity is less than the Montana state average. 

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Bank of the Rockies

205 W Main Street

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 547-3331

Vocal Credit Union

4621 Highway 12 E

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 547-3265

Realtors, Rentals & Storage Units

Berkshire Hathaway Home Service

16 2nd Ave SE

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 439 - 6904

Legacy Lands, LLC

107 E Main Street

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 580 - 9570

Elkhorn Mountain Realty

413 E Main Street

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 547-3330

Railroad Mini Storage
​216 E Main
(406) 547-3000​

Spa Hot Springs Storage Units
202 West Main Street
(406) 547-3366

RENTAL OPPORTUNITIES (Starting Point for Local Resources)

Castle Mountain Apartments. (406) 547-3651. Qualifications: Head of household must be 62 years of age or older, or with disability. Other limitations may apply.
Jefferson Apartments. 502 Jefferson St. 
Spring Manor.  106 South Central.  Limitation may apply. Contact (406) 547-3651 for information.
Swanson Technical. (406) 390-2427. This business manages several rentals within WSS.


Seek out offerings or advertise yourself on the following FaceBook Pages: Meagher County Classifieds, White Sulphur Springs MT Classifieds, WSS Garage Sale, Wheatland Connections (if looking more towards the Martinsdale Region). 


White Sulphur Springs K-12 School District (LINK) Characteristics include:

  • Enrollment count – 216

  • Cohort Graduation Rate – 100%

  • Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment options available

  • Distant Learning option via Montana Digital Academy

Play and Grow Preschool
 (406) 547-3200. 101 1 Ave, White Sulphur Springs MT 59645
Preschool is housed on the south end of the Community Center.  Hours are 8:45 - 12:00 M-F.

3 year olds commonly attend Tues & Thurs.  4yr olds attend Mon, Wed & Fri.

Daycare Providers
Though limited, there are Daycare options within Meagher County.  Contact the Meagher County Health Nurse for information regarding known providers in the areas. (406) 547-3234.

After School Programs Include:
Stevens Youth Center: Afternoon hours and periods of summer sessions/programs.
City-County Library: Various craft and reading programs are offered after school.

Availability of Telecommunications Infrastructure, Electric or Renewable Power and other Utilities:

White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County has fiber optic broadband connectivity provided by Triangle Communications.   With advertised speeds of 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, this highspeed network provides future proof bandwidth directly to business and residences throughout the City and region.    You can Live, Work, and Play in Rural Montana. 

More Information about Broadband Services see Triangle Communications

Verizon Communication and AT&T provide wireless cellular service with 3G and 4G LTE data.

Satellite Internet Providers include HughesNet and Exede.

Northwestern Energy is the primary electric service provider with Park Electric Cooperative serving southern rural areas. 

Renewable energy opportunities exist in Meagher County with high average wind speeds suitable for wind power generation in addition to adequate solar penetration and geothermal water sources. 

Highway and Airport Accessibility

  • 115 miles or less than 2 hours to Lewistown

  • 177 miles or 2 hours 45 minutes to Billings (via US 89 and I90)

  • 86 miles or 1 hour 40 minutes to Bozeman, (via US 89 and I90)

  • 75 miles or 1 hour 20 minutes to Helena (state capital),

  • 102 miles of 1 hour 45 minutes to Great Falls 

Medical Services:

Mountainview Medical Center, located in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, is a rural integrated delivery system offering emergency services, hospitalization, long-term care, and a primary care clinic for the residents and visitors of White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County.​  Services provided include acute care, behavioral mental health, chiropractic clinic, diagnostic imaging including x-rays and CT scans, emergency room services, eye clinic, laboratory services, long-term care, physical therapy, podiatry, swing beds, and tele-medicine.

Chiropractic Services are provided in White Sulphur Springs by Dr. Cody Taylor at Taylor'd Wellness Chiropractic as well as the Mountainview Medical Center.

Need a new prescription or a refill?  Castle Mountain Grocery has a full service pharmacy.

Stay healthy and keep in shape at Stone Temple Fitness & Spa. Fitness and Spa services, including esthetician services, massage therapy, and naturopathic care, are available at the spa.  Free fitness classes are available to everyone.

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