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Meagher County is one of the 5 original territorial counties in Montana - before it became a state.  Named after the first Governor, Thomas Meagher, who had has his own amazing story; the county has a rich and varied past.  Native Peoples, Miners, Soldiers, Loggers, Ranchers, and many others have called these valleys and mountains home.  You will find fascinating stories if you know where to look.

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The Castle Museum & Carriage House

310 2nd Ave NE

White Sulphur Springs, MT

(406) 547-2324

Visit the Castle Museum's Website

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM, last tour begins at 4.30 PM
Season: May 15 - September 15


The Charles M. Bair Family Museum

2759 MT Highway 294

Martinsdale, MT

(406) 572-3314

Hours: 10 AM - 5 PM
Memorial Weekend to Labor Day: 7 days a week
Labor Day through Oct: Wed - Sun

Historic Sites
  • Castletown - Please view from the road, lands are privately owned.

  • Lennep Trinity Lutheran Church - Lovely 100+ year old Church still in use by the community.

  • Martinsdale Bank - On the National Registry

  • Red Ants Pants, Western Wear Clothing, Presbyterian Church:  Buildings in White Sulphur Springs which on the National Registry

  • Camp Logan - 20 miles west of White Sulphur Springs. Site of the second military installation in the valley. The Octagon blockhouse is on the National Registry and the only one still to exist of its design in the United States.

  • On the way to Camp Logan, stop at the Rail road deport. The spur from Ringling, MT to White Sulphur Springs was finance by John Ringling himself.  He owned and operated the Hot Springs, and Dairy at the time (as well as various other venures).  Dreams of turning the Hot Springs into a high society bathhouse were dashed away with the Depression.

Historic Points of Interest
  • Copperopolis - Located near the intersection of US Highway 12 and Jamison Trail (west of Bair Reservoir). 

  • Carrol Trail - Historic Route which ran through the area. A highway interprative sign is located east of Checkerboard along US Highway 12.

  • Observe older homes while driving around White Sulphur Springs. See the Ringling Mansion and Statly Stone Spencer House located near the North Fork of the Smith river.  There is a collection of older homes in various states of restoration near the Castle Museum.

  • Camping at Jumping Creek?  There is a trail which leads you to a historic 1800s Splash Dam. Loggers would dam and flood valleys, then break the dams sending the floodwaters along with their logs down stream.  Waters of Sheep Creek were dammed and flooded with timber brought down the Smith River to Great Falls.

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